RCK Preshool is the first non-profit Preschool/Kindergarten in Ridgefield, CT and has been helping children learn and grow since 1959! 

Our Approach

RCK provides a dynamic learning environment that is supported by carefully selected materials that encourage open-ended, imaginative play. These learning tools include: blocks, paints, clay, dress-up clothing and accessories, dolls, musical instruments, books, puzzles, play kitchens with pretend food, housekeeping equipment, science exhibits, plants and more.

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Our History

Established in 1959 as a private, non-profit nursery school, Ridgefield Community Kindergarten (RCK) Pre-School offers a comfortable and supportive child-centered atmosphere that encourages children to learn through play and experimentation.  

Located at the Ridgefield Community Center (The Historical Lounsbury House).

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Enrollment & Class Hours

We offer Two's, Three's, Four's and Five's (Transitional Kindergarten) Programs, as well as Extended Day Enrichment, Lunch Bunch and Summer Camp.

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